Become free of Anxiety once and for all

with Liverpool Hypnotherapy

Ima"How can I stop worrying and stop feeling ANXIOUS all the time?"

~ Sound familiar

Anxiety is such a common problem in todays society and unfortunately it can be any area of our lives and can spread to many other areas if not treated.

How does it affect you? That feeling in the stomach, irratic sleeping, waking up having those thoughts, playing that constant movie or dialogue with yourself
and those questions ..... Why? Why? Why????

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety that overwhelm you it's our guess you find it really hard to concentrate and your mind keeps wandering back to the things that bother you. If you are anxious already, the physical symptoms can make you worry they are signs of a serious illness. This can make you even more anxious.

Anxiety is something we all have experienced from time to time. Most people can relate to feeling tense, uncertain and, perhaps, fearful at the thought of going to the dentist or doctor or even going into hospital. Was it when you were gettting ready to sit an exam or take a driving test, even asking someone for a date and worrying about feeling uncomfortable, appearing foolish.

For some, it's believed, that short-term anxiety can be useful and make you feel more alert and enhance your performance. We feel it is bettter to be in control, to manage your state and deal with situations in the most appropriate way. With our help you can learn to develop this in a way that is natural

So what are the signs or symtoms of Anxiety

  • Feeling worried all the time
  • Tiredness and feeling lethargic
  • Being annoyed at so many things - down right irritable
  • A good nights sleep becomes a problem
  • Can't seem to concentrate
  • Your heart is racing
  • You sweat more
  • Aches, pains or cramps and tight muscles
  • You may feel dizzy or faint
  • Stomach problems
  • and sometimes this leads to Panic
    with a sense of overwhelm, loss of control and fear. You begin to breathe quickly and can feel your heart beat pounding. "oh no! I feel I'm going to die!"

    And it doesn't have to be this way................truly.
    Come and find out how we can help stop your axiety, being anxious or those panic attacks call or email

    I wonder how would you like to be?.....
    calm maybe,
    or the old you you knew you were before.

    Well you can be like that again and better. Why not find out how

    We at Liverpool Hypnotherapy believe that anxiety is a sign from you body (your unconscious), a communication which has an inappropriate overwhelming amount of emotion, which does more damage than good. Our intention is to develop a more appropriate way of feeling inside, to acquire the confidence and competence in your ability to just know everything will be safe and fine in all situations and to finally be free of anxiety. Anxiety can stem from many things, from limiting beliefs about ourselves to past situations.

    Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy (tm) will acquire that confidence, control and freedom to achieve anything you wish.

    Please contact us to see how Liverpool Hypnotherapy can help with any anxieties you wish to let go of.

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